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tv   [untitled]    July 2, 2014 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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that we can't delay on, because every year we have senseless deaths due to pedestrian safety issues and it doesn't make any sense. it's the easiest thing to work on. so i hope that we get on that education campaign right away. >> i appreciate your answer. thank you very much. we're going to have public comment at this point for the item. [ reading speakers' names ] >> good afternoon supervisors i'm the executive director of the san francisco bicycle coalition and also speaking as a former member of the bdr of the municipal transportation agency to share my support for miss borden joining the mta board. we have been very impressed with her approach on the
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commission and it's a great example of that and her strength in leading transportation issue. she mentioned the prop k plan and we're very happy with our breadth and depth of knowledge on transportation issues. i want to highlight her very mutual multi-modal perspective. very much placing an emphasis on that. thank you so much. >> thank you leah. >> good afternoon, supervisor. jim salinas, people step to this podium eager to serve and
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not realizing the time constraints that are required on any particular commission. having served on what i considering to be three of the prestigious, san francisco police commission, parks and recreation commission and planning commission. this is one of those candidates, one of those individuals that realizes that you have to be accessible to all. as with the last candidate, who is extremely accessible, this commissioner has been accessible to everyone. we have had a lot of dealings with the planning department, as i served as executive director for the carpenter's union and again, the latino community has had a lot of difficulties with the way the city is developing. so i justed want to commend commissioner borden for always being accessible, especially in
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times of great crisis and issues. she is always there. i got into a car when i was 13 years old and i didn't get out. two years ago i started to buy fast passs and i'm now a monthly clipper user and my goal is to use muni 50% of the time, because the car i have is not very environmentally friendly. so getting into that public transportation mode is important as one of the things that we contribute. want to thank commissioner borden for an outstanding job on the planning commission. and i'm sure she will do the same thing here. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is dwayne jones and i'm ecstatic to be before you today, to support commissioner
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borden. she has been on several high-profile commissions before and we believe she has done an amazing job and look forward to her continuing that effort and her kind of being open as jim said earlier, to just hearing everybody out. being very clear on what the pros and cons are, particularly as it pertains to transportation. we all know how important an issue that is, particularly for the often disconnected folks in the southeast side of town. she has championed many of those efforts to make sure that inclusion and rapid transportation to get them to work, downtown, has been at the forefront of her work as i know even as a planning commissioner. so i appreciate the moments and i appreciate you all putting her forth for her appointment at the mta. thank you. >> thank you, mr. jones. any other public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is now closed.
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i am personally impressed with gwyneth. she to me has exhibited a lot of professionalism in the current commission position and the questions i asked her in her interview she was very thoughtful and gave direct answers and was willing to be very independent and her independence means a lot to me in terms of her thinking through what she would and would not support. so i would be very supportive of her nomination. supervisor tang. >> thank you. chair yee, i would agree with the comments you just made and really got to see commissioner borden's work through the planning commission. so i'm very familiar with what she is able to do. supervisor yee mentioned the independence, and would i add to that fairness and then of course as everyone has said
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openness and willingness to listen to all community members is really important, especially when it comes to transportation issues. i would be happy to support her nomination to to the planning commission and send her recommendation to the board of supervisors. >> supervisor campos >> thank you very much, mr. chair and thank you to the members of the public who spoke and to gwyneth borden for her interesting and very supportive of moving this nomination forward. i feel besides just the work ethic and the willness to reach out to the community that i think are needed. so i look forward to working with her. so happy to support that motion. >> looks like it's unanimous. so i guess motion is supported without any objections. so motion passes. congratulations.
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[ applause ] madame clerk, could you call item no. 4. >> item no. 4 is motion approving or rejecting the mayor's nomation of christine johnson for the planning commission for a term ending june 30, 2018. >> christine. >> good afternoon chair yee and supervisors tang and campos, thank you for having me today. i'm honored to be nominated for the planning commission and before you to present my desire and present my qualifications to serve. i came from the east coast ten years ago and i'm now proud to call san francisco my home. in that time i have not only built a personally life for myself, but a civic one. i'm a district 6 resident and the majority of my efforts have been addressed to addressing the challenges and opportunitis in the southeast portion of the city. i have served on the hunters
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point shipyard cac and currently serve as the chair on community investment -- [speaker not understood] i have taken on these responsibilities over time in addition to a full-time career in public finance because i'm deeply committed to working in whatever capacity i can to make sure this city is a vibrant and hospitable place for everyone who wants to call san francisco home. i studied engineering in college, but my professional career is has been in public finance. in various capacities i have developed expertwise in how governments pay for what their citizens need and want. i have gotten a lesson on resources, particularly monetary resources matching with policy. in my civic life translated into a strong desire to make sure that the details match up with the goals on the projects that have come in my purview. as example on my time in the
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hunters point cac, i also dove into the details of transportation plan, leaving the cac to suggest changes to improve the quality of life for future resident and workers in shipyard. as chair i of the advisory board for the san francisco community investment fund i took a fine toothed come to funding projects and made sure they met the city's goals and stated goals planning commission as i have been on the suggestionor agency commission, but you if any it's not enough to be hard-working when it comes to being appointed to such an important commission. you believe that great cities promote development of great people and to me that means that residents should be able to work, recreate, et cetera. i believe they choose everyone should be able to live near where they are work, start a business, having convenient
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access to open space and, et cetera. what i have outlined if my nomination is successful i work the opportunity to learn the land use concerns and desires of all of the various communities of san francisco, by dialoguing with those communities directly and learning from other commissioners, city staff and members of the board of supervisors. i especially hope to learn from those who care deeply about their neighborhoods, but may not be engaged in the process it's currently exists. thank you for this opportunity to be before he today and i'm happy to answer any questions that you may have. >> supervisor tang. >> if you could address a little bit some b some of the challenges that you might see facing the planning department and planning commission in the
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upcoming years and you already kind of touched upon what your goals and visions are, but if you want to elaborate or command on those, that could be great. >> sure, i think there are a number of issues that will come before the planning department. a lot of times we focus on residential aspect of real estate development, but there is a very important commercial piece. formula retail i know will come up pretty soon and i know that is very important and defines the character of our neighborhoods. affordable housing, obviously, which was tied to the residential piece. but also we're go ing to be looking at development of office space and how that looks across the city there is nexus to transit that we heard with the previous nominee and so me i see the city as there is no one piece of that that is more important than the other when it comes to building
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a great city. so we need affordable housing. we need open space. we need access to open space for all communities. we need vibrant places for people to go to work or to do whatever it is that they want to do during the day or even. so all of those are equally important issues to me. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you very much, miss johnson. thank you for meeting with me. i wanted to follow-up on a couple of points. one the issue of affordability. we have an affordability crisis and i think if there is any agreement, is that at least everyone agrees that is a problem. do you have any thoughts in terms of what you think the planning commission can do to help address that issue as
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we're moving forward? >> i think that there is -- when i think about the affordability -- affordable housing issue, there is sort of like a layered-cake and you need to address sort of the top layers before you can get to the ones underneath. and to me, i think we need to build just more affordable units. we need more inclusionary housing and more for us at all income levels. how we get there is to make sure our current policies support getting that housing. so is it inclusionary policy as currently constructed? does it work? are we using our impact fees to actually build units on sites when we at times when we collect those? and what else can we do to spur more on-site development of affordable units? i think those are all -- they are three different issues, but they are all
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equally important to making sure that we not only set goals for affordable housing but we actually get those units. >> one of the roles that the planning commission plays is obviously community outreach. and i'm wondering if you can talk a little bit about your experience in working with different communities? there are a lot of projects in different parts of the city that perhaps you may not have worked in or be as familiar with? and if you can talk a little bit about your background and history in trying to engage communities including those that perhaps are relatively new to you? >> absolutely. i think i will start to answer your question, my background is very helpful here. when i was first appointed to the hunters point cac i had never been to hunters point. i had never been to district 10. lived on treasure island and there was talk of trying to
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allow me to go on the treasure island cac and that didn't work out so i came to hunters point truly as an outsider and i think i was called that more than once. over the years i learned to build trust in the fact that i cared about the community and even though i didn't live there, i wanted the best for the current and future residents and i did that not only attending cac meetings, but the transportation meetings and by joining other boards which is how i was eventually appointed to the san francisco community investment fund. so i really been able to grow my connections in a community that i really had no connection to before. and i hoped to be able to do that across the city and i look forward to getting introductions not only to neighborhood groups that have been particularly active, but also to individual citizens who
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may not have been part of the process before. i really enjoy that process of someone learning something about how their city works and i hope i will be able to do that citywide. >> thank you. >> thank you, miss johnson. when we were talking or when we met earlier, one of the issues that is important to me and some of my colleagues is the issue of family housing. and regardless of what income, there is a nexus, of course, to affordable housing, but can you give your vision of how we could move our agenda in regards to putting more family-friendly housing? >> absolutely. so i think when we talk about planning, again, the work of the planning department and the planning commission as sort of a
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policy-setting body is much more than residential housing. it's also open space. it's also availability of commercial establishments that cater to families and cater to youth. so when you talk about family housing, yes of course we want to push for multiunit family-sized housing in new and rehabilitated developments, but what is around there? what does the neighborhood-serving retail look like? we need open space, more children's parks and parks for children just, as much as we need general open space and this is something that i hope to learn about. we need a good spread of child-care, you know? for example there is child-care that is near residences, but we also need to look at what is the child-care available in job sites and commercial enterprises? when you have children that are young from the ages of 0-2 and you are especially a new mother and
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have to go back to work, you don't want to leave your newborn child a couple of miles from where you work. you want to be right there. so that is something that has nothing to do with residential real estate, but that is commercial real estate. so i whole -heartedly believe we can create an environment that is friendly to families and what is going to make family life easier. >> thank you. there is some discussion in regards to manufacturing space or space for manufacturing. and some of it is the category of "light manufacturing." and seems whether you are making jam or sewing something, it seems that we are losing more and more of that space. and that is the type of small business that can, as you grow
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in san francisco, rather than the larger manufacturing companies. and yet, they have been squeezed out and as more development occurs, they are losing that space and being replaced by residential. so can you talk a little bit, how you would as a commissioner try to balance that? >> yes. so i will say that i absolutely agree that in order for san francisco to remain a strong city in the future, we need a diverse economy, which includes having industrial uses and blue-collar jobs. yes, the times have changed and there are some types of industrial usage that have declined and not sure that they are going to come back. for example, having a working port. but there is plenty of uses as you alluded to, supervisor yee, that could grow in the city. when we talk about pdr space, this is something that i would
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hope i would need more data about and i would hope to be able to study it. i honestly don't know the information whether or not it's a matter of retaining the current space that we have available for prd and stopping that for being converted or if we need to talk about zoning throughout the city. that is just something that i don't know, but i know it's part of our economy that we need to make sure is strong in the city, particularly when we talk about supporting smaller enterprises. >> currently there is a lot of pressure to build more residential in san francisco, and so the tension lies between -- at least for my district, it's really important, that we retain as much of our rh1-designated district areas,
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neighborhoods, as much as possible is something that comes out very loud and strong in my district. but there is so much pressure to go beyond rh1 and say let's have multi-units in almost every place that you could think of. talk a little bit about that in terms of how you would support the retention of rh1-type of housing. >> so one of the things that i have always loved about san francisco it has been a microcosm of the bay area and i would want to be able to maintain the differentiation in our neighborhoods. that being said, i do know that there are certain areas of the city, where the height limits
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and other zoning requirements allow for multi-unit dwellings and a little more building than what we have seen. so i would love to hear from community members what they think about that future vision? and in terms of maintaining rh1. that is one where i appreciate that there are neighborhoods that are different from other neighbors neighborhoods and i would want to hear directly from community members what they envision for their city? is it no change or is there an opportunity for a future there that could be adjusted from what there is now? i couldn't say what that vision, but is i would want to hear from other people. >> thank you, miss johnson. >> thank you. >> so now we're going to open up this item for public comments. so i have some cards here. let me call them out as i
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received them. [ reading speakers' names ] >> supervisors, i am here to support christine johnson my fellow commissioner for the community investment infrastructure commission former. she is very intelligent and
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thoughtful and i think she is going an excellent addition to the planning commission. thank you. >> thank you. >> i don't have any glasses on. so excuse me for holding my phone what i speak. any name is theo ellington and good afternoon supervisors. it's with great pleasure that i recommend the appointment of christine johnson. i worked with her while she served on the board of directors for the bay area opera house and currently cac and we're currently colleagues on successor agency. can i speak to her passion and dedication to this great city. i would be doing a disservice if i didn't mention her
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exceptional ability to be straightforward and her ability to not only ask the tough questions, but ask the right questions. her qualifications and background i think speaks for itself. she understands land use and understands development and has a strong finance background. in addition, she understands the dynamics of san francisco. i think she has been in situations where she has had support of the community and also had to work with folks here at city hall. she has been a tireless advocate for affordable housing and worked on workforce development and for communities in need and also worked on transportation issues as well. christine is a true public servant and i urge her nomination to the full board. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors.
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my name is marly lee mandi har. christine and i are fellow commissioners with the community of investment and infrastructure, the successor agency of the redevelopment commission. you have seen her qualifications and she has been able to respond to your questions and i totally support christine -- christine is just amazing. although i'm sad she is leaving our commission to go to another, i have been very impressed in how she has conducted our proceedings. she does her homework, which is very important when you are in a commission and she really -- as theo said, asks the right questions. she is very thoughtful. she manages our proceedings professionally and efficiently.
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and not only that, she is very knowledgeable and works with the projects and with the department that we work with. the other thing that i would like to say about her is that she is also very community-oriented. recently she joined my event to work with young girls 9-12 years old to share her expertise and be able to help in mentoring these young girls. so i am here to really support her appointment and i hope you do so. thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors. i'm tom locker and i have been a banker to the city for the past 30 years in public finance and had the pleasure of meeting christine in the context of a variety of financings associated with the successor agency. i'm here to support her candidacy for the commission. thank you very much.
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>> hello supervisors. my name is michael and i'm here to lend my voice in support of christine johnson's nomination. i have had the pleasure of working with her. i run the office at the hunters point shipyard. christine just has an incredible capacity to be able to intake information and as others have said, to ask the right questions. but one thing i did want to say, her commitment is just way aboveboard. i think in the years that she served on the cac, she may have missed three meetings out of hundreds of meetings. so again i just wanted to lend my support. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisor.
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brook solomon with rdj enterprises. as a firm, working in and for the southeast, we have had the distinct pleasure of working with and witnessing commissioner johnson's engagement with elected officials, department heads, community leaders, community members, families in an effort to address land use issues in the bayview. and the successful result of those efforts in tandem with her finance background, we're wildly excited to endorse this recommendation to the seat for commissioner johnson and strongly urge that you do the
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same. thank you very much. >> good afternoon, commissioner. again, dwayne jones. i just want to echo many of the comments of the folks before me have said. i want to add to that that i have heard some concern about commissioner johnson's ability to kind of engage communities. the southeast sector is not always the easiest district and/or community to work in and it's one place that we find that one who is serious about doing community work can actually get some real stripes and i can attest that commissioner johnson has earned her stripes in the southeast working both for the cac on several non-profit boards. she is relentless in her pursuit for what is right for the people not only in that district, but citywide. we have always been impressed with how wickedly smart she is and a willingness to learn that which she does